Guilin Cabinets built its name and reputation on its many years of experience dedicated to detail and quality in fine homes.

We Are

This uncompromising attention to delivering value for money is the reason Guilin Cabinets is recognized as a premier manufacturer of fine cabinets. More than just a brand name, Guilin Cabinets bring forward the time-tested skills of handcrafted design solutions for those who aspire to make the home much more than a mere shelter.

At Guilin Cabinets, we utilizes the very best technology has to offer – state of the art materials and construction, along with manufacturing capabilities that are second to none. But at the same time, we have zeroed in on mass only the most popular designs – designs that our customers have told us make up the bulk of their needs. We still maintain the ability to custom design any cabinet you might envision, but by focusing on the select designs of high demand styles, we can operate much more efficiently. And in the end, the process yields an absolutely beautiful line of cabinets at the prices and turnaround times that can’t be beat.

We sell not just the product but entire cabinet program. The Guilin Cabinets name is your assurances that function and elegant, as well as lasting value and contemporary style can be found within the cabinet products we offer. Guilin Cabinets continues to focus on builder needs and values the relationships and partnerships we invest in every day.

Store Locations

Guilin Cabinets is located at 9750 Research Drive for easy freeway access. With a 10,000 sq. ft showroom, we have 6 full kitchens with quartz counters lighting and appliances on display so you can really get the feel of our kitchens.