Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting, yet intimidating process. While this is true, Guilin Cabinet’s deep and sincere care for our customers not only incorporates our solutions, kitchen styles, designs, and more, but we have also a curated a list of common mistakes when remodeling your kitchen in order to relieve some of the stress for you. We believe these are cautionary steps needed to take in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable remodeling process for all.

1.)  Don’t expect the project to occur without problems. They will come up, a good contractor will deal with them. Plumbing is often a problem, if there was a long term slow leak there will be wood rot. Everyone is busy it may take a couple of weeks to handle the problem.

2.) Pick your appliances before you start your remodel. Without the specifications it is not possible to order the cabinets. Many of the appliances are not standard sizes. Ovens, microwaves, stoves, even refrigerators vary in size.

3.) Do not pay for the work until it is done. A payment schedule is standard starting with a deposit. At the back end of the job a 10% retainer is a good idea until the job is complete.

4.) Inadequate planning. As the old saw goes “if you fail to plan, plan to fail” take your time on the planning phase of your job. Paper is cheap, changing the project after it is done is not.

5.) Not listening to the experts but at the same time be true to what you want and yourself. Pros can cancel you on materials, proper lighting, and most of all what really works and what doesn’t. Many years ago trash compactors were standard but over time it became common knowledge that they smell. In the past people hardly gave a thought to lighting. Pros can council you what is popular and what works best.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in your journey of remodeling your kitchen!

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