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Scope of work:
Custom Bathroom Vanity, Power room
PROJECT Location:
Orange County, CA
Compl. Date:
Project Size:
X2 Bathroom Vanity, X2 Mirrors, Resurfacing Coutertops
Work Time:

3D Rendering Project:

Project Complete:

Project Story Detail:

Susan had always dreamed of a beautiful bathroom. She wanted a space that felt personal, had everything she needed right at her fingertips, and was just for her. Her old bathroom was outdated and cramped, with too little storage space and a dull color scheme that left her feeling uninspired. She knew it was time for a change, and she knew just who could help: Guilin Cabinets.

Located in Irvine, California, Guilin Cabinets was a local Bathroom remodeling company that specialized in kitchen and bathroom renovations. Susan had seen the website, https://guilincabinets.com/, and was impressed by the custom cabinets and beautiful designs she saw there. She decided to give them a call and see if they could work some magic on her bathroom. When she met with the Guilin Cabinets team, she knew she had made the right choice. They listened carefully to her needs and desires, taking notes and asking thoughtful questions. They showed her examples of past jobs they had done and explained their process step by step. Susan felt confident they knew what they were doing and trusted them to make her dream a reality.

The team started by taking detailed measurements of Susan’s bathroom, noting any obstacles or issues that needed to be addressed. Then, they began to design a custom bathroom vanity that would fit perfectly in the space and provide all the storage she had been missing. Susan loved being involved in the design process, choosing the wood finish, hardware, and style of the vanity. She felt like the finished product would truly reflect her style.

Installation day arrived, and Susan was excited to see the finished product. The Guilin Cabinets team arrived on time and got to work, carefully maneuvering the vanity into place and securing it to the wall. They took care to keep the work area clean and tidy, respecting Susan’s home as if it were their own. Within a few hours, the new custom bathroom vanity was installed, and Susan couldn’t be happier.

Custom Bathroom Vanity and Installed By Guilin Cabinets Bathroom Orange County CA 2

Now, Susan’s bathroom felt like a completely new space. The custom vanity provided ample storage, allowing her to easily organize her toiletries and accessories. The wood finish, quartz top, and hardware added a touch of elegance, giving the room a luxurious feel. Susan loved spending time in her new bathroom, and she knew that she had Guilin Cabinets to thank for making her dream a reality. She would call them again when she was ready for her next remodeling project!

Choose Guilin Cabinets, and let us help you tell your unique remodeling story.

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