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Scope of work:
Refacing vanity, installed new vanity tops,
PROJECT Location:
Irvine, California
Compl. Date:
Project Size:
Remodel Whole Powder Room
Work Time:

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Project Complete:

Project Detail:

Kevin Rink from Irvine CA, who needed to remodel the powder room for his wife, had a wonderful experience with our team. We were responsive at all sorts of odd hours, morning, noon, and night, and We are happy to have surpassed expectations in order to make sure he was satisfied with our service. At Guilin Cabinets, based in Irvine California, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. We offer a full range of remodeling services, including custom refacing cabinets and more. 

Refacing bathroom vanity cabinets with Wood Veneer -
Refacing bathroom vanity cabinets with Wood Veneer – Irvine California – By Guilin Cabinets

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