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Southern California
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Whole Kitchen
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Review 27 L Kitchen Refacing Custom Countertop in Boulder Colorado 1

Deana S’s experience working with Guilin Cabinets is a captivating tale of how we prioritize our customers’ demands. We believe in the power of storytelling, and through her testimonial, we can narrate the Guilin Cabinets’ story.

At Guilin Cabinets, we focus our efforts on providing exceptional customer service. Deana S loved working with our company because we were detailed, reliable, on time, neat, friendly, professional, and more. These traits are at the core of our business’s philosophy, and we strive to maintain them throughout our operations. Not only did Deana S love working with the sales department, but she also had an excellent experience with the workers who came to her house. Our team understood her needs and was available to address any concerns she had. However, this was not the end of the story since Deana S faced challenges with new appliances being back-ordered from another company’s faulty service.

L Kitchen Refacing & Custom Countertop in Southern California
L Kitchen Refacing & Custom Countertop in Southern California

We were there to help her by providing drywall and fixing drawers after installation. Guilin Cabinets focus on our customers’ demands ensures that we go above and beyond to make sure that their remodeling project is completed to perfection. Deana S was happy with her new L kitchen layout with the new Island, and she’s looking forward to her master bath next, we’re thrilled to be a part of her journey.

Guilin Cabinets is a remodeling contractor and designer specializing in kitchen remodeling services. Our company offers a wide range of services, including refacing cabinets, custom cabinets, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling services, and kitchen remodel contractor. Our website, https://guilincabinets.com/, has all the information you need to get started on your remodeling project.

Choose Guilin Cabinets, and let us help you tell your unique remodeling story.

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