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Home Remodel
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Calabasas California
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Whole Home Remodel
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Customer Review Calabasas CA Guilin Cabinets

In Calabasas, Linda K’s house had experienced severe flooding in September 2021, forcing them to evacuate. Overwhelmed and desperate for help, Linda reached out to a trusted friend who recommended Guilin Cabinets, a local remodeling contractor based in Irvine.

Restoring After Flood Damage Home Remodeling in Calabasas CA 1

Enter Brian, Guilin’s representative, who met with Linda and her husband to assess the damage and discuss their vision for rebuilding their home. After a month of careful evaluation, Linda and her husband received an approximate estimate for the project. Impressed by the remarkable quality of the cabinets showcased at Guilin’s warehouse, they were confident that Guilin was the right choice for their remodel.

With their insurance settlement in place, Linda and her husband eagerly signed a contract with Guilin to breathe new life into their home. The extensive remodel involved drywall replacement, plumbing, and electrical work, the creation of a new kitchen, powder room, laundry room, and bathroom, and the installation of new interior doors throughout the house.

3D Redering Restoring After Flood Damage Home Remodeling in Calabasas CA

Throughout the process, the team at Guilin encountered various challenges, as is common with such extensive projects. However, their unwavering commitment and dedication to their craft ensured that these issues were swiftly resolved. Linda was particularly grateful for Guilin’s outstanding customer service and their willingness to stand by their products and work.

In the end, Guilin, with the help of their talented team members, including Brian, Robert, Billy, Christine, Edgar, Marven, and Andrew, successfully rebuilt Linda’s cherished home. The kitchen, which Christine had rendered so beautifully, turned out to be an absolute dream come true for Linda and her family.

Restoring After Flood Damage Home Remodeling in Calabasas CA 2

With hearts full of gratitude, Linda wholeheartedly recommends Guilin to anyone seeking exceptional remodel services. Their expertise as builders, their superb craftsmanship, and their commitment to customer satisfaction made the experience not just bearable but enjoyable for Linda and her family.

And so, the story of Linda K and Guilin Cabinets became a testament to the power of collaboration, determination, and skilled craftsmanship in turning a devastating event into a beautiful new beginning for a cherished home.

Choose Guilin Cabinets, and let us help you tell your unique remodeling story.

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