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L Kitchen, Living Room
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Whole Home
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“I am happy to strongly suggest Guilin Cabinets to anyone planning a significant renovation. Making the decision to launch such an endeavor is frequently as terrifying as jumping off a cliff.” – We were very glad when our customer said that

Denis D. and Billy S., two of the great members of the Guilin Cabinets team, made the entire remodeling process a breeze. they were incredibly patient and supportive from the start of the process. Right from the beginning, they exhibited immense patience and support, taking the time to understand the homeowner’s vision.

While benefiting from their years of expertise, the homeowner was never coerced into accepting a particular point of view. Instead, Denis and Billy encouraged them to make decisions that truly reflected their personal preferences and how they envisioned using their newly transformed space.

Kym Espinosa large remodel summer 2023 in Costa Mesa 6 scaled

As the project kicked off, the team of skilled tradespeople arrived promptly and conducted themselves with utmost professionalism. Billy, the project manager, impeccably managed the timeline, keeping the homeowner updated on when each step would be completed. What truly made him stand out was his responsiveness to any queries or concerns that arose along the way.

Kym Espinosa large remodel summer 2023 in Costa Mesa 1 scaled

The highlight of Guilin Cabinets’ exceptional service was our exquisite cabinetry, surpassing the quality of most ready-to-assemble options available in the market. Moreover, we offered personalized choices tailored to the unique layout of the homeowner’s home. There were no surprises in the end, as every specialty customization was accurately estimated. The result was a seamless integration of the new design with the original architecture as if the house had been built that way from the beginning.

Kym Espinosa large remodel summer 2023 in Costa Mesa 9

As an added bonus, Guilin Cabinets backs its products and labor with a decade-long guarantee. With the help of Guilin Cabinets and their superb crew, I was able to build the house of my dreams. They are the best renovation company to work with because of their hard work, knowledge, and dedication to their clients. If you want a first-rate renovation experience, go no further than Guilin Cabinets. When I am ready to handle future renovation jobs, like the bathrooms, they are the only company I will need to call.

Kym Espinosa large remodel summer 2023 in Costa Mesa 3 scaled

Guilin Cabinets prides ourselves on having a team of experts who consistently surpass expectations and genuinely care about the happiness of our clients. Look no further, our company is the epitome of hard work, knowledge, and commitment to excellence. Guilin Cabinets is undoubtedly the best choice if you’re in the market for a renovation partner.

Choose Guilin Cabinets, and let us help you tell your unique remodeling story.

  • OUR ADDRESS: 1924 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92606
  • OUR MAILBOX: info@guilincabinets.com
  • OUR PHONE: +1 949 299 237
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