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Galley Kitchen, Kitchen Island
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Whole Kitchen
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Eileen and Steve Cole discovered Guilin Cabinets after an extensive search for their dream kitchen. Despite exploring four different companies, it was only when they entered Guilin Cabinets’ showroom that they found the perfect blend of quality and affordability.

Impressed by the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Coles decided to entrust their kitchen dreams to Guilin Cabinets. Jack, the knowledgeable salesman, guided them through the vast options, ensuring they felt informed and confident in their choices.

Andrew, the dedicated project manager, orchestrated the entire process, keeping the project on track and providing regular updates. The skilled professionals, from demolition to finishing, worked together like a symphony, contributing to the realization of the Coles’ dream kitchen.

After a protracted search for their ideal kitchen, Eileen and Steve Cole came across Guilin Cabinets.
After a protracted search for their ideal kitchen, Eileen and Steve Cole came across Guilin Cabinets – Galley Kitchen with a Contemporary Slant in Placentia, CA

The result was spectacular – a kitchen that seamlessly blended aesthetics with functionality. Eileen and Steve, thrilled with their experience, left a glowing review expressing gratitude for Guilin Cabinets’ outstanding service and top-notch craftsmanship.

The outcome was amazing: a kitchen that skillfully combined design and utility.
The outcome was amazing: a galley kitchen that skillfully combined design and utility.

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Their recommendation echoed the sentiments of many satisfied customers, and thus, the story of Guilin Cabinets continued – a tale of turning dreams into reality, one cabinet at a time.

Choose Guilin Cabinets, and let us help you tell your unique remodeling story.

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