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The Standard Size for Full Coverage Carpet under a Queen Bed

There aren’t set guidelines for how big of a carpet to put under a queen bed, but you can use these general suggestions as a guide. To create an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious arrangement, these suggestions consider both the queen bed’s size and the available space:

Full Coverage: 

The standard advice is to get a carpet that goes all the way beneath the bed and even beyond the perimeter of the frame. This makes the room look more put-together and professional by drawing attention to the bed and visually isolating it from the rest of the space. Full covering is a way to make your bedroom look more put-together and professional. Picking out a carpet that extends all the way under the bed creates visual separation between the bed and the rest of the room. The result is a design that is more deliberate and well-structured.

The Standard Size for Full Coverage Carpet under a Queen Bed

Size Considerations: 

A standard queen bed measures around 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. To ensure full coverage, it is recommended to choose a carpet that is at least 8 feet wide by 10 feet long. This size allows the carpet to extend beyond the edges of the bedframe, providing a balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you have a larger room or prefer a more spacious carpet area, you can opt for a larger size.

Proportional Placement:

Considering the proportion between the size of the carpet and the room is crucial. The recommended guideline is to leave 12-18 inches of flooring exposed around the perimeter of the room. This creates a balanced and visually pleasing space, preventing the carpet from overwhelming the room or appearing too small.

Bedside Rug Runners:

Bedside rug runners are narrower carpets that can be placed on either side of the bed, extending from the foot of the bed to the nightstands. These runners add a touch of softness and provide a comfortable surface for your feet when you get out of bed. They also contribute to the overall design by framing the bed and creating a sense of symmetry.

Layering Options: 

For those who prefer a more layered look, you can explore the option of layering rugs. This involves placing a larger area rug under the bed and layering a smaller accent rug on top. This technique allows you to play with different patterns, textures, and colors, adding visual interest to the space. It’s a creative way to showcase your style and personalize the bedroom decor.


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