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Adding pantry cabinets to your kitchen is a practical and effective way to enhance storage

How Update To Get More Kitchen Storage Space

Take advantage of the opportunity to maximize your storage space when redesigning your kitchen by including creative design elements. Today’s kitchen designers offer a plethora of practical ideas to expand your kitchen’s square footage while maximizing your investment. Armed with the following clever suggestions, take advantage of the consultation with your kitchen designer to make […]

Modern and Rustic Master Bathroom Remodel in Los Angeles CA 4 copy

Bathroom Remodel Design Trends You Can Consider for Your Project

Are you tired of your outdated and mundane bathroom design, but don’t know where to start with a remodel? Look no further than the latest design trends in bathroom renovations. From bold color choices to sustainable materials, the possibilities are endless. Remodeling your bathroom not only enhances your daily routine but can also add value […]

Installation of New Doors and Drawers Guilin Cabinets

Is It Cheaper to Paint or Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

Reface kitchen cabinets or Paint them? Simply put, painting your cabinets will freshen up their existing look, while refacing them will completely transform their appearance. And since both approaches are more budget-friendly than a full remodel kitchen, they’re great choices for homeowners looking to save some money. Painting is a cheaper option than Refacing Cabinet […]