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Slate Countertops: Clean, Maintain, and Remove Stains

Countertop stains are inevitable unless the homeowner is vigilant about keeping them removed. Inevitably, your beautiful kitchen or bathroom countertop will get stained as a result of daily use and general wear and tear. Thankfully, there are easy solutions for eliminating stains from slate countertops and keeping them clean. Slate, with its varied quality and […]

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Soapstone Countertop: Clean, Maintain, Remove Stains

  What Soapstone Countertops? Soapstone countertops are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners due to their unique properties. Soapstone is made from the mineral talc and is a naturally occurring stone that is non-porous, heat-resistant, and low-maintenance. It is an inert material and impervious to chemicals, acids, and heat, making it a safe and resilient […]

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Quartz Countertop: Clean, Maintain, and Remove Stains

Quartz countertops are preferred by many homes due to their long lifespan and appealing aesthetic. Quartz countertops, like those made from any other material, will need routine care and upkeep to retain their luster. The following guide will introduce you to the basics of caring for and restoring quartz countertops. => How To Clean Countertops […]

Quartz Bathroom Vanity Countertops

How to Clean Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Cleaning your bathroom vanity countertops doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming task. In fact, cleaning your bathroom vanity countertops can be quick and easy! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to clean Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Limestone bathroom vanity countertops, including how to remove stains, and more. Cleaning and Maintaining […]